CCNA Exam Certification Options

The Cisco CCNA certification can be completed either of two different ways:

  1. One exam composite exam 200-120

  2. Two separate exams part one 100-101 and part 2 200-101

Which method is right for you?
This will of course vary depending on current knowledge, familiarity with Cisco products, easy of travel to an exam centre etc.

As a suggestion if your new to Cisco and never have taken a Cisco exam before. Then complete the CCNA training first so you have had maximum hands-on practical exposure then take the two exams separately. This way you have less to remember but you know more and can orientate yourself to the exam interface and style of questioning. The flip side is that you will of course end up taking two exams rather than one but provided that the test centre is not too far this is probably the easiest way and the CCNA certification does not differentiate between the two options.

Alternatively, if you use Cisco as part of your day job and possibly have taken your CCNA exam before but it has expired (it only last three years) then the one exam route might be worth thinking about