5 Day CCNA Training Course - Fully Supported

We understand that people learn by doing. Take driving for example, nobody ever learnt from JUST reading a book! Doing is a really important part of learning which is why our CCNA training courses are focused on practice and not just theory.

If you are after CCNA Training Course that’s well balanced, instructor led, practical hands-on then you’re in the right place.

We also know that Cisco CCNA exams today are a real challenge (see, inside the CCNA Exam), so give yourself the best chance of passing.

We believe in supporting our customers all the way ensuring that their goals are realised and exams passed. In short, you will not find a more comprehensive, exam focused CCNA training course programme within the UK, not even for more money!

  tick Including 2 Offical CCNA Cisco Press Books
  tick Full CCNA course notes + Hands on pratical LAB guide
  tick Small CCNA class sizes
  tick Over 400 CCNA practice exam questions
  tick Modern live equipment (NOT simulations and no sharing)
  tick CCNA DVD on IP subnetting
  tick Full CCNA post course support
  tick Modern air conditioned training rooms

This CCNA training course is intended for people within working within IT industry, who are comfortable with the generic network theory (e.g OSI model, Ethernet CSMA/CD etc). Often contractors, people cross training form different departments, people with Microsoft background or with previous experience of other networking vendors

For more information call us on 01494 578010 or email info@ncat.co.uk

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