Single Customer, Customised Cisco Training Courses

We specialise in providing customised network trainnig courses. These courses can be held at your premises or our training centre in Wokingham. This approach can be cost effective from training as few as two or more people and has the following advantages when compaired to 'regular' public training courses


Confidential network details can be shared openly


When multiple people are trained together its more cost effective


Course content can be customized from different training courses ensuring business objectives are met in less time, thereby saving money


Production environments can be replicated increasing the value and ensuring maximum relevance to participating delegates.


Costs are further reduced by only one set of expenses (instructor) therefore saving additional finance.


Key personnel can attend training without leaving the office premises and still be available if required.

We can select course material from across a wide range of courses including:

Introduction to Networking

Introdction to TCP/IP

Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNP Advanced LAN Switching (SWITCH)

Cisco CCNP Advanced Routing (ROUTE)

Cisco CCNP Advanced Troubleshooting (TSHOOT)

Cisco Real World ASA Firewall

Cisco Real World QoS

Cisco Real World IP Multicasting


Case Studies Include
We have rolled out tailored / bespoke training for many customers, including BBC, Cable & Wireless, DCSA.

BBC News Cable and Wireless Defence Communications Services Agency
The Royal Mint National Air Traffic Control
National Air Traffic Control
NTT Communications

For more information on training call us on 01494 578010 or email