Inside the Cisco CCNA Exam

There are two different exam paths to get Cisco CCNA certified. Listed below are some of the ways in which the exam assesses your exam answers. Before taking any Cisco exam you should be fully prepared. We understand how the CCNA exam works and operates.

We have helped hundreds of people through CCNA and higher exams, (we have been delivering Cisco Training since 1998) we have developed a unique Training+ programme to support you all the way.

Think about it, generally anything that’s difficult is normally valued and worth while. We can ensure that you are equipped with the right skills and knowledge not to just pass but pass first time.

How the CCNA Exam Works

  1. You can only progress forwards in the exam, questions can NOT be reviewed!
  2. Each persons exam is different and it’s also different each time you take the exam
  3. For each individual exam about 75 questions are pulled from a central database of which you only see 40 to 50 questions.
  4. If you get a question wrong you get more questions on the same subject
  5. The longer you hesitate on a question even if you get it correct the more questions you get on that subject!
  6. Time is very short of most people, some of the SIM or SIMLET questions can take a long time to complete, may be 15 minutes or more for some people
  7. Questions are asked in a random order. You might get a SIM question as the first or last question – which when pushed for time is very bad news.
  8. You might get given questions which don’t provide any marks! You are unable to tell which these questions are. Cisco do this for new question to collect metric information, Example: how many people get it right or wrong and time taken to answer the question.
  9. Any incorrectly answered questions also led to more questions on the same subject!
  10. In short, the exam can smell fear! So make sure that you are well prepared before you go, don’t cross you fingers and hope that a certain subject will not come up, because it will.
Booking Cisco Exams
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