External  Links

Used Cisco Hardware Usfull Links Cisco.com Links
www.discount-cisco.com (Protocol.com) Lots of information about all network protocols but even more on VoIP/IPT
networkhardware.com (Ben Bookmarks) Lots of good Cisco Links. Password recovery for all Cisco products
hardware.com (ethermanage.com) All you ever needed to know about Ethernet Cisco Router product information
ebay.co.uk (iol.unh.edu) Lots of information about networking  
  (iana.org) TCP/IP Port Number information  
  (sana.org) Currrent top twenty security hacks  
  (ieft.org) Web access to all the RFCs (Request For Comments).

Not all RFCs are boring. Try 967, 1149 or 968, just for fun of course.....
  (ripe.net) Describes in detail how IP addresses are allocated  

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