Cisco and Network Information


Cisco Configuration Guides
Network Acronyms Router IOS 12.2 Configuration Guide
IBM Red Book introduction to networking Cisco 2950 Switch Configuration Guide
Cisco introduction to networking Cisco 3550 Switch Configuration Guide
CCNA Cheat sheet 3560 Switch 12.2 Configuration Guide
VoIP for Dummies 6500 Switch Configuration Guide
Cisco VoIP and IPT ASA 8.0 Configuration Guide
Unified Communications Manager Administration Guide CatOS to IOS Command convertion
CME (Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide)  
7940 Phone guide  
IP Subnetting Current Cisco product reference book
3COM IP Subnetting Explantion Old Cisco product reference book (for older product reference)
Cisco IP Subnetting Explantion OSPF Design Guide
  BGP Tutorial
Cisco Configuration Examples Understand Configuration Register bits
2900 Switch Foundation Configuration Example Configuration Register Examples
2950 Switch Foundation Configuration Example  

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